Psycholinguistics (BA/M.Ed levels)
Institute of English and American Studies, Technical University Braunschweig

Language and Cognition (BA/M.Ed levels)
Institute of German Studies, Technical University Braunschweig

Words in the Mind and Other Stuff of Thought: The Mental Lexicon as a Key Component in Language Processing (MA level)
Institute of Dutch Studies, University of Oldenburg

Technical English for Hearing Technology and Audiology (B.Sc. level)
Inst. for Hearing Technology & Audiology, Jade University of Applied Sciences

Psycholinguistics. Speech Perception and Production (M.A. level)
(Coop-Master Studies Language Sciences), University of Bremen

Theoretical and Empirical Investigations: Linguistics and Psycholinguistics (M.A. level)
(with Cornelia Hamann) Institute of English Studies, University of Oldenburg

Introduction to English Linguistics (exercise course, B.A. level)
Institute of English Studies, University of Oldenburg

Segmental and Suprasegmental Phonology (B.A. level)
(with Ulrike Domahs) Institute of Germanic Linguistics, University of Marburg

Creating New Speech Stimuli: (Quality) Recordings, Signal Processing, Sound Editing. (Tutorial) University of Oldenburg.