Current Projects

MyH4all_LOGO_EN contributions within the Hearing4all cluster are to task groups 3 (Functional characterization of the individual) and 5 (Personalizing hearing devices).

Together with Esther Ruigendijk, I am project leader in the project “Investigating Linguistic Factors for Speech Recognition Performance under Adverse Conditions”. This project aims to investigate the contributions of different linguistic factors to speech intelligibility test scores, with a focus on lexical knowledge and processing efficiency of prosodic cues in adverse listening conditions.

  • Part I: 
    Focuses on the use of prosodic cues for sentence processing in acoustically challenging conditions. Better understanding how prosodic encoding is perceived and processed in CIs and the benefit of EAS on speech processing and comprehension at a linguistically higher level may contribute to improving individual listener profiles. This part also entails a cross-linguistic study on the use of sentence rhythm to facilitate word recognition in hearing-impaired populations.
  • Part II:
    Focuses on the role of lexical access in acoustically challenging conditions. This line of research predominantly tries to establish (or refute) linguistic and cognitive measures as predictors or correlates of performance in a German sentence in noise recognition tests. One specific aim is to investigate the role of lexical knowledge and speech processing on the characterization and performance prediction of hearing impaired listeners with and without hearing aids. Another aim is to employ and extend existing psycholinguistic models of speech perception and processing.