Past Projects


Cluster of Excellence, University of Oldenburg

My contributions within the Hearing4all cluster were to task groups 3 (Functional characterization of the individual) and 5 (Personalizing hearing devices). Together with Esther Ruigendijk, I was project leader in the project “Investigating Linguistic Factors for Speech Recognition Performance under Adverse Conditions”. This project aims to investigate the contributions of different linguistic factors to speech intelligibility test scores, with a focus on lexical knowledge and processing efficiency of prosodic cues in adverse listening conditions.



HurDig_logoNetwork for multilingual Hearing and Speech Diagnostics (EFRE) at the University of Oldenburg.

This project’s aim was to further develop hearing diagnostics based on speech tests, especially speech intelligibility tests in noise. The HurDig project developed and implemented hearing tests via telephone and speech-based hearing tests for professional audiologists. These speech intelligibility in noise tests were developed in various European and non-European languages to promote international comparability of speech audiometry. An additional project aim was the development and instantiation of speech-based measuring and testing procedures for hearing devices. The network was a cooperation of the Medical Physics Group at the University of Oldenburg, Jade University of Applied Sciences, Medical School Hannover (MHH), and HörTech Oldenburg.


AULIN_logoUnderstanding Speech under Fluctuating Noise in Children and Adults from an Audiological and Psycholinguistic Viewpoint (DFG) at the University of Oldenburg.
This was a cooperation of psycholinguists and audiologists (medical physicists), in which the processing of speech in (fluctuating) noise is systematically investigated from four different angles.